I18n Workshop Silicon Valley 

Companies need to get globalization right from day one. What are the requirements for producing global-ready digital products in a cost- and time-efficient way?

One of the keys is applying a Shift Left approach and boosting the process with automation.

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Continuous Localization


Igor Afanasyev

Nowadays, using the Agile methodology is not agile enough. Meet continuous localization, a process that unlocks the true power of localization, is transparent to software developers, and allows teams to develop multilingual products at a fast pace. Igor will give an extensive overview of the localization automation landscape, help you avoid common pitfalls when shopping for your next TMS/CAT tools, and help you pick the right ones based on your needs. Beyond technology, you will also learn how to change processes in your organization to streamline your localization efforts, avoid delays, and define responsibilities between your localizers, designers, and engineers

Digital Product Internationalization


Patricia Paladini Adell

Digital product localization in an Agile environment can become a challenge. One of the typical problems is source code not being ready for localization. In this session, we will present a Shift Left approach to digital product localization, which requires implementing best practices in the development or marketing team for coding i18n-compliant digital products. The end goal is seamless localization execution without the heavy workload at the end of the traditional localization process. Participants will learn about the requirements for digital product i18n, i18n best practices for developers and practical advice on how to raise awareness of i18n across different teams.

Global UX


Irina Rybnikova 

I18n is not only for developers but for designers as well.  If the prototypes or designs are not ready for localization, it will cost extra time and money to deliver digital products internationally.  Irina will explain why design phase internationalization is important, and how to implement it.  But not only design and developing matters - localization strategy can help you to reach company goals. This strategy involves many roles and teams within the company. So we’ll speak about cross-team communications too.

Finding the right definition of ROI


Jose Palomares 

Jose Palomares will review a few models and success cases for different types of activities (internationalization, localization and shared services) and different types of organizations such as start-ups, multinationals and vendors.  This session will enable you to articulate a solid, data-driven response when somebody asks you about the ROI of localization and internationalization.

Our Sponsors

Edith Bendermacher

Edith Bendermacher

Edith Bendermacher

Anna N Schlegel is Vice President of the Global Portfolio-to-Market Lifecycle organization at NetApp. In her role, she oversees a variety of teams, including: Enterprise Globalization, Information Engineering, Portfolio to Market, and Product Portfolio Solutions. Anna has worked in the tech industry in the Silicon Valley for over 20 years, leading teams at Cisco, VMWare, Xerox, and Verisign. 
Anna serves as the Executive Sponsor of NetApp’s Women in Technology organization, where she focuses on developing female leaders in the tech industry. She is also the co-founder of Women in Localization, the leading professional organization for women in the Localization industry with over 5000 members worldwide. 
Anna speaks 6 languages, is a native of Catalunya, and lives with her family in Santa Clara, California and she is the author of Truly Global.
Edith Bendermacher is Head of Localization and Globalization Strategy at NetApp, based in Sunnyvale, California. Her team oversees localization at NetApp in 15 languages under a Center of Excellence, and they are responsible for the strategic planning for globalization across all departments, as well as the delivery, uptake and return of the globalization investments.
Edith is a regular speaker on globalization in panels and globalization industry events such as Localization Institute Seminars, NCTA, TAUS, Women in Localization. Edith is also a member of the Women in Technology Group at NetApp and a member of the Women in Localization Marketing Committee.
In her spare time, Edith and her family love to travel around the world. She is also an avid photographer, looking for meaningful fragments through the lens of her camera, most recently focusing on the newest member of her family, Boba, the blue Boston Terrier.
Jill Goldsberry, Director of Sales, for Vistatec, is responsible for managing a diverse client base; including Software, IT, Manufacturing, Financial, Retail, Biotech, Pharma and Government. 
Jill is passionate about understanding her clients’ organizational goals and objectives. She enjoys creating optimal multilingual communication solutions; while building a custom implementation and service delivery schedule model that aligns with existing technology and processes. 
Jill devotes her spare time to Women in Localization and is currently the Program Manager for Strategic Partnerships. She recently completed the Global Digital Marketing and Localization Certification (GDMLC) Program and is a distinguished graduate of Purdue University.  Jill resides in San Mateo, CA and has 20 years of localization, media and marketing experience across multiple verticals.